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Maxim's Casinos in London: Southend, Reading, Southampton, Westcliff

Situated at the heart of Kensington, Maxim's Casino is one of the finest and friendliest casinos in London which can welcome you with its luxurious delicacy and vibrancy. This is the perfect destination of the gamers who never hesitate to try their luck.

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The Maxim's Casino London is regarded as one of the best casinos as it is the visiting place of London’s rich and famous who are fond of the variety of games offered by this deluxe casino. Besides, the stylish and comfortable environment with high-end designs and interior can allure the visitors even if they don’t go for gambling.

The Maxim's Casino will welcome gamers with its warm and airy atmosphere, Mayfair gaming, exceptional customer care, peerless cuisine and the trump card, the Maxim's Casino London’s special and finest whisky collection for the aristocrats.


Maxim's Casino Reading


If Maxim's London is the queen bee, then Maxim's Casino Reading is definitely one of its suitable companions. Along with all the facilities of Maxim's London, this branch also offers its visitors something special.

Maxims Casino

After all, Maxim's Casino Reading is one of the favorite destinations of gamers and it is worthy of so. It provides 24 gaming machines with 19 table and poker games. Let’s get an overview of this casino:

  • Opening Time: Sunday to Friday (2 PM-6AM) and Saturday (2PM to 4 AM)

  • Casino Games:

    • Blackjack (7 tables)

    • Poker (4 tables)

    • Roulette (16 tables)

  • Dress Codes: Smart and casual. Caps and sports dresses are strictly prohibited.

  • Membership Information: Gamers should be of 18 years or above.


Maxim's Casino Southend


While a complete package of entertainment is the thing you want, Maxim's Casino Southend is your ultimate destination.

Maxims Casino Southend

Let’s see which equation works behind the immense success of this casino:

  • Opening Time: Seven days a week from 12 PM to 6 AM

  • Casino Games:

    • Punto Bunco

    • Blackjack

    • Roulette

    • Poker

    • Slots

  • Special Attraction:

    • Variety of poker games including Autumn Poker League

    • Comedy shows at every Friday night at Maxim's Casino Southend

    • Theme musical night at every Saturday.

    • Unparallel Chinese breakfast

  • Restaurants: People enjoy the lip-smacking preparations while enjoying the sea views from the Equations Restaurant.

  • Membership Information: No membership is required at this casino.


Maxim's Casino Westcliff


Westcliff Casino Maxim's can boast about its superb gaming sensations and high rank service to serve the rich of the country.

With its all assets of 20 gaming machines and 35 table and poker games, Westcliff Casino Maxim's can give tough competition to the plush casinos of Las Vegas.

Maxims Casino London

Residing beside the river, Thames, the view of Westcliff Casino is superb. There are lots of other features which has made this casino one of the leading of the country:

  • Opening Time: It is open for 24 hours every day.

  • Casino Games:

  1. 3 Card Poker (4 tables)
  2. American Roulette (12 tables)
  3. Blackjack (5 tables)
  4. Craps (1 table)
  5. Casino Stud Poker (4 tables)
  6. Poker (8 tables)
  7. Touch Bet Roulette (25 tables)
  8. Punto Banco (1 table)

  • Other Facilities:

  1. Private card rooms
  2. Quick cash facilities
  3. ATM
  4. Big car parking for guests
  5. Training services

  • Dress Code:

  1. Anything smart and casual can be worn to enter into this casino.
  2. Any kind of sportswear like football shorts or shirts, vests, etc. are not allowed.
  3. A big no for any types of caps and hats.

  • Restaurant: Having awesome dinner at La Carte Restaurant while enjoying the view of Thames is possible if someone visits this casino on weekends.

  • Membership Information:

  1. Members should be of 18 years or above.
  2. While entering for the first time, members have to produce a photo ID to be allowed for a game.
  3. Registered members can bring their guests for one time only without producing their ID.


Maxim's Casino Southampton


With opening the door, the Maxim's Casino Southampton welcomes its visitors with all its luxury, facilities and comfortable environment. The interior of the building is eye-catching and the second story columns and the antique clock tower embellish the house.

Maxims Casino Southampton

Before entering into the game zone, the interior decoration turns the heads of the visitors and they feel lack of words to adore the beauty. This royal casino comprises of 12 gaming machines and 9 table and poker games. Let’s see what Maxim's Casino Southampton has in its sleeves:


  • Opening Time: Sunday to Thursday (7 PM to 5 AM) and Friday and Saturday (7 PM to 6 AM)

  • Casino Games:

  1. 3 Card Poker (1 table)
  2. Blackjack (2 tables)
  3. American Roulette (4 tables)
  4. Texas Hold’em
  5. Touch Bet Roulette (12 tables)
  6. Poker (2 tables). For playing poker, gamers have to pay 5 pounds for an hour.

  • Special Attractions: People who love to drink and try variety of drinks while gambling, Southampton Maxim's Casino is the place he heads to. People can also enjoy SKY Sports on the huge screen while sit in the comfort of the bar and enjoy exotic drinks.

  • Membership Info: There are no special membership requirements at Southampton Maxim's Casino.

So, it is quite clear that Maxim's Casino in England is one of the top establishments of the country where it serves excellent games within high-class atmosphere.

These casinos are heaven for gamblers of the country and worldwide as they can earn as much money as they want and they face very little distraction here. Besides, trying your luck, you can enjoy the world famous cuisines to uplift your mood even you lose.


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