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Best Online Casinos in the UK

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in the United Kingdom to make use of the internet to fulfil gambling and gaming needs.

People in the UK are becoming less inclined to take a trip to the land casinos and are finding it more fascinating to look to the internet for online casinos that offer as much fun, if not more, as real life casinos on land. Online casinos have been around for quite some time, but it started picking up momentum only in the last few years.

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Online casinos are today hugely popular with the UK community of gambling and gaming, and with the way things are going, it seems as though online casinos may soon nullify the need for land casinos.


Best Online Casinos in the UK


If you are in the United Kingdom, then you are staying in the one of the best places for trying your luck out with online casinos.

There are hundreds and thousands of online casinos in Britain, and most of them uphold the high industry standards of the online gambling scene in the UK. The following are names of the top three online casinos in the UK.




InterCasino. More than 230 games with the largest ever jackpot payout of £5.9 million (96.09% Payout)

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Betway Casino


Betway Casino. Offers generous bonus of £250 and has a collection of over 490 games. (96.07% Payout)


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ComeOn Casino. £25 bonus & 10 free spins. (96.02% Payout)


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How it All Began


The worldwide online gambling industry is huge, and much of it is made up by online casinos. The sheer number of online casinos that you will come across after typing in the words online casino in Google or any other search engine is sure to take you by surprise.

You are likely to come across literally millions of websites that are designed and dedicated to provide online casinos services. That stat alone speaks volumes about the immense popularity of online casinos in the world.

As mentioned before, online casinos are not a brand new innovation. They have been around for the better part of the last two decades. The first online casinos was created and developed in the United States back in the year 1996. In the beginning, online casinos had a pretty torrid time drawing enough money and online gamers.

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With the internet revolution taking in place in full swing at the turn of the century, online casinos began to steadily grow in popularity and register higher revenues and profits.


Current State of Business


Today, the online casinos business is booming to say the least. In excess of trillion dollars is spent annually with online casinos worldwide. This shows that online gamblers and gamers are just as eager to splash out their cash on online casinos as real life gamers and gamblers are on land casinos.

The Best Online Casino in UK

With high speed and reliable internet connections being established in every nook and cranny of the globe, it seems quite obvious that the popularity of online casinos and their success will continue to swell up in the years to come.

In other words, an increase in the number of online or internet users will cause a direct rise in the membership of online casinos across the world.


Online Casino Vs Brick and Mortar Casino


One of the key features of an online casino is how impersonal it is. In the real world casinos, it is possible for you to read the faces of your opponents and come up with an idea of the kind of cards that they are holding.

This is not even a possibility in online casinos since you are unable to have direct one on one, face to face interaction with other players and the house. The element of surprise here is therefore much stronger and far more genuine.

Another thing to note about online casinos is how much effort their web designers have invested in trying to replicate the environment inside a brick and mortar casino and exude the same aura that you can experience inside one.

The flashy web pages and the catchy music of online casino websites are all part of extensive and penetrative marketing strategies that are tailor made to get you hooked into the product and fall in love with the online casinos games.

With online casinos, you may not enjoy the feel of seating yourself in expensive leather furniture and sipping on a margarita like people do in real word land casinos, but the alternatives in the form of the amusing music and stunning visual display are not too bad either.


Features of Best Online Casinos in the World


Since there are millions of options to choose from when looking for online casinos, it can become quite difficult for you to come across the ones that will provide you with the best online gambling experience. It would not be wrong to state that majority of the online casinos on the internet are created on a low budget and are not equipped to satisfy the needs of an enthusiastic gamer and gambler.

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That being said, there are top of the shelf online casinos out there which are bound to change your perspective of online casinos. These creme of the crop online casinos are highly efficient, incredibly spectacular and thoroughly enjoyable. Some of the features of the best online casinos in the world are listed below:


1) Legitimacy


The one thing that truly differentiates a good online casino from a bad one is legitimacy. You should avoid rogue casinos that have a tendency of ripping off their customers and cheating them with fraudulent activity.

The best online casinos in the world are almost always verified by an independent regulator and have an audited payout certification.


2) Top Notch Customer Service


The very best online casinos in the world are hardly ever lacklustre with their customer care. Their customer services are as good as any other online business in the world, and they make sure that every single need of the online gamers is attended to.


3) Preferred Banking Option


An online casino cannot be considered among the best unless it provides a range of easy and convenient banking options that allow you to make deposits and withdrawals whenever you want and however you want.


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