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Video poker had been invented and widely popular in the 70s among the Las Vegas casinos. But right now, its popularity is revamped in a large scale, when the online casinos start offering it left and right.

Right now, any reputed name in the online gambling field like BGOCasino showers its customers with sports like Crazy Eights, Jacks-or-Better, Deuces Wild and most importantly progressive poker games. 

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What is the glaring difference between other slot games and poker? While the former ones resemble some manual steps to win, poker is quite stimulating to play and win. For a newbie video poker player, the challenge is magnanimous to master the game. Fortunately, we have listed down 5 suggestions below, which will enhance your skill in poker.


Choose BGOCasino


Choosing the right site is as important as hitting the flush in the game of video poker. These days, the virtual medium is witnessing an overabundance of online casinos offering video poker mushrooming here and there.

But to land up at a quality page, do visit sites like Casino Top 10 and Cards Chat for going through the reviews of top names like BGOCasino and Royal Vegas.



But the question remains, which qualities can make or break a video poker site? The answer ranges from a vast array of games to prompt customer service to amazing bonuses and more.

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Do you know what SSL and eCOGRA stand for? These two are emblems of quality for any online casino. So, when you are done with short listing 5-6 bookmakers, go through their homepages to spot these two logos. Apart from that, it is must know, whether your selected site has adhered to all the government rules and regulations.

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This fact is directly related to security of your fiscal and personal details, which you are bound to put on the site. If you end up selecting a counterfeit online casino, your account features as well as your computer can be harmed much.


Keep Patience and Have Fun


Keeping patience is the mantra to last long in video poker game. Whether you are playing for money or for pleasure, video poker will keep you on your toes from start-to-finish. With so many gossips doing the rounds against video poker, the biggest charge is the game is full of injustice and biased towards the casino.


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But rest assured that, apart from the phony ones, a reputed name like BGOCasino always maintains the fairness of the game. Instead of holding such a pessimistic assessment, why don’t you learn the strategy of holding the finest hand during that time?

If you are dreaming about hitting 4-to-the-flush at the first chance, then it’s more important to understand the layouts of the multiple pay tables. Not feeling confident enough? A top-notch site containing video poker will have some free games, which you can try out before start betting.

Also for more practices, one may go for downloading software tools that will provide you with opportunities to practice your skill. For a rookie bettor, it’s quite impossible to master the game within a week. The best practice is- to keep calm and having fun while practicing.


Learn About Your Strategies, Tables, and Rules


Depending upon your level of desire, you should chalk out your strategy of playing video poker.



It will not hurt much if you download some PDF files from internet and learn extensively about the popular strategies falling under categories such as traditional video poker, Quick Quad, and Ultimate X.

Apart from these tactics, return table layouts like Dice Fever, 2 Ways Royal, and All Aces are some of the other significant points to learn. Most importantly, before you start off, don’t forget the basic rules of betting on video poker:

  • Except for Joker Poker, other video poker games come with 52-deck of cards

  • You will be rewarded equivalent to the value of the card-at-hand and that on the payout table and

  • You have the autonomy to retain or discard any card


BGOCasino: Variety of Games


As mentioned in the intro paragraph, Jacks-or-Better and progressive jackpots are quite popular games of poker.

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But do you know that the latest First 4-Lines-Jacks-or-Better is taking the internet by storm? Here instead of a single row, you will be rewarded with four rows of cards. Putting your stake on each hand at the same time will open the floodgate of money. Joker Poker games build another favorite poker genre among its fans.

Even 10 years back, it was unimaginable to think that one day; a poker play can play video poker on his smartphone. But with the advent of cutting-edge mobile technology, you can play progressive video poker on your tablet, iPhone or even on iPad.


BGOCasino mobile


But to win fortune-turning money, you must have some basic knowledge of that related poker game.


Look for Little Tricks, But Not for Magic


When you are gearing up to play video poker, don’t start the game with the negative perception that, no matter how well you play, you can’t beat the house. Rather if you consider intellectually stimulating games more appealing than the vanilla ones that one play for only incentives; then you should look for video poker.

Similarly, another myth doing the rounds for a long time is that the ‘machine’ goes tight before paying out a royal flush. This alone can give any first-time player same level of anticipation and heartbreak.

Do keep note that, the chances of a royal flush are equal and can come at any point-of-time. The ‘tightness’ of the machine has no correlation with it. If you can keep aside this fiction, you can make some time to learn few tricks like always going for liberal machines such as VIP insider.

Also for a risk-loving player, double-up features are best parts in video poker. Apart from the lucrative rewards and intelligent quotient, exciting sounds and visuals are also associated with video poker. Once you get a grip on the rules, it will be a smooth-yet-adrenaline rushing ride to win the game.


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